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snowden, greenwald and brian williams

  1. snowden is a RunRabbitRun op they bounced everywhere the ppl who hijacked our government  want a casus belli
  2. greenwald is a greedy moron whom they psych profiled and used maybe partially compartmentalized (check his M&A career where he cut his teeth in M&A in the 90’s at a top NY law firm)
  3. the entire psyop is a debriefing
  4. consider it: you build a technopanoption but after its essentially in place you need to acclimate the herd w/o startling them. – thus this scenario was constructed.
  5. snowden’s initial interview was 3 blocks away from HK embassy with about 20 off-book wetwork teams in range ready to go with one phone call
  6. they bounced him from china talked of cuba and then landed him where we are currently on the verge of war, Russia, which is being encircled and cozied up to NWO proxyand open laboratory China (in a few decades they will suddenly pull the plug once Russia is somewhat dependent on commerce with China)
  7. meanwhile, they have commoditized whistle blowing itself
  8. intcom c3p0 omidyar + $250M wordpress blog (intercept) sugar daddy for greenwald, blog is trickling out powerpoints designed for middle managers from 2001 that show nothing but blueprints of systems that do us no good
  9. intcom-linked companies and straight up cartel fronts are now peddling soft encryption despite the existence of quantum computing chipsets like the dwave/dwave2 that can simply brute force “strong encryption”
  10. droid snowden selling telepresence to upper management trendy types at SXSW
  11. real whistleblowers begging for money, dead or otherwise neutralized
  12. 9/11 meme shunt with the comments being pulled, a clear ideology pump to manufacture credibility – meanwhile greenwald calling sibel edmonds a 9/11 tin foil hat kook ontwitter despite her being a woman who blew the whistle on 9/11 at the FBI, exposing what weve all known since 9/11 and patriot act 1, that all the data is being hoovered up
  13. blind follower trendies scraping around after greenwald and snowden sewing apathy like the useful idiots they are
  14. and a movie and comic book on the way to seal the deal and cement the mythology in the public “consciousness”
  15. most wanted rogue spy in history of U.S. calmly sits down with Brian Williams of NBC (HQ in GE bldg, Rockefeller Center, hint hint) for a nice chat


i could go on, but why bother?


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Dangerous Perhapses

one might argue, if one were so inclined, that Gandhi was a kind of Obama machination constructed by MI6 and that this profound concept and ideology of non-violent revolution was merely the chocolate coating for the poisoned nougaty center of subtle control – if one examines India critically today one finds it more enslaved and in vastly more subtle ways – whether it be GMO, or the perfected harvesting of the under classes via the monetary system. This very dark and ugly view however does not impinge on the tacit methodology utilized, rather it is a kind of sad lament for how culturally potent it can be.

Of  the French Revolution I often say for instance: “revolution is the means whereby the power structure recycles itself, giving the controllers time to slink away and obfuscate their hand in matters orchestrating chaos.”

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