24 Dec 2011 @ 11:26 AM 


Okay now write the same nasty things about Jim Rogers… oh, wait. Ron Paul, the only non NWO-puppet candidate in 35 years of living on this fucking ball of mud with imbeciles like your sorry ass and all manner of useful idiot has to buzz like an insect in the worst way possible. This is the final revolution. When you have successfully created a populace consisting of slaves who mistakenly think themselves free, when you have systematically so abused the mind of man, from birth to death with junk information and relentless lies, having literally programmed generations of humans, feeding them their “consciousness through a tube” – the war is over. The only thing left to us now is cultural and information-based warfare – the incrementalists have succeeded in creating the Ultimate Politcial Weapon – a zombie army electorate of brainwashed holier-than-thou experts equipped with endless ginned up data sets. People whose idea of rational critique is to string together 4chan memes. Thousands of years of art and culture reduced to “lolumadbro” Meanwhile… Logistical reality is knocking at the door and is ready to throw the author of this piece into the ash bin of history where he belongs.


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 23 Oct 2011 @ 5:49 PM 

BBC News – Is the US Declaration of Independence illegal?.

Is the US Declaration of Independence illegal?


 19 Oct 2011 @ 1:24 PM 

adolescent obscurantism by pretend enlightened douche bagels effectively discharging what is otherwise a schema to bring about a global tax on all human activity payable to a world central bank run by malthusian eugenicists

good times

good times


(he looks funny kekekeke – this is why the world is broken, people dont care what you have to say, they care how you look.)

lets just cleverly edit reality so we have a real-time memory hole culture that recursively migrates ideas into the timespace loop, we can edit videos to make anything look like anything, lets USE THAT!

cultural SOLVENT – and after enough of it you have merely a slurry, a broken-down liquid byproduct ready to be slurped up by some lord of the flies

these guys need to climb down out of the faggotree and join the rest of us in the real world
we are on a hamster wheel all right

a hamster wheel 14k years in diameter

where the potential of our species is squandered because a tiny handful of elites dominates the planet we all live on.


“you see average morons know theres more goin on than what you cover in your 16 points, you set up the straw man, make me say “aww man, you must be smokin on some real good joints.” – payze duez

 18 Oct 2011 @ 2:26 PM 

what do you think NORTHCOM is for dude? why do you think the police has been federalized and turned into an army? look at the baseline statistics on war expense, we are a NWO hijacked nation and have been used as the NWOs pitbull for almost a century… the rise of PMCs and groups like Blackwater et al. should really drive home the point in the baseline figures on war expense – but of course this is like the business world, endless front companies, holding groups and subsidiaries – endless derivative financial instruments etc. – the plebs are being used as a political football and an excuse for more police state, genuine dissent is being channeled into dead ends so that it cannot produce political momentum or, if it does produce political momentum, that force vector can be roped in and aligned for vertical integration within one or the other polarity of the false political paradigm – a paradigm engineered for precisely this effect and reinforced by a corporate media. system, a hijacked fourth estate, where even the so-called alternative media is merely a subsidiary of Halliburton.


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