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Visceral Reality vs. NWO Fiction


Okay now write the same nasty things about Jim Rogers… oh, wait. Ron Paul, the only non NWO-puppet candidate in 35 years of living on this fucking ball of mud with imbeciles like your sorry ass and all manner of useful idiot has to buzz like an insect in the worst way possible. This is the final revolution. When you have successfully created a populace consisting of slaves who mistakenly think themselves free, when you have systematically so abused the mind of man, from birth to death with junk information and relentless lies, having literally programmed generations of humans, feeding them their “consciousness through a tube” – the war is over. The only thing left to us now is cultural and information-based warfare – the incrementalists have succeeded in creating the Ultimate Politcial Weapon – a zombie army electorate of brainwashed holier-than-thou experts equipped with endless ginned up data sets. People whose idea of rational critique is to string together 4chan memes. Thousands of years of art and culture reduced to “lolumadbro” Meanwhile… Logistical reality is knocking at the door and is ready to throw the author of this piece into the ash bin of history where he belongs.


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The Hamster Wheel: Lord Monckton – YouTube

adolescent obscurantism by pretend enlightened douche bagels effectively discharging what is otherwise a schema to bring about a global tax on all human activity payable to a world central bank run by malthusian eugenicists

good times

good times


(he looks funny kekekeke – this is why the world is broken, people dont care what you have to say, they care how you look.)

lets just cleverly edit reality so we have a real-time memory hole culture that recursively migrates ideas into the timespace loop, we can edit videos to make anything look like anything, lets USE THAT!

cultural SOLVENT – and after enough of it you have merely a slurry, a broken-down liquid byproduct ready to be slurped up by some lord of the flies

these guys need to climb down out of the faggotree and join the rest of us in the real world
we are on a hamster wheel all right

a hamster wheel 14k years in diameter

where the potential of our species is squandered because a tiny handful of elites dominates the planet we all live on.


“you see average morons know theres more goin on than what you cover in your 16 points, you set up the straw man, make me say “aww man, you must be smokin on some real good joints.” – payze duez

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It’s a Big Club – AND YOU AINT IN IT.

You and I are not in the Big Club


Several instances have popped up on my radar screen in recent months/years, painting a detailed digital image (eventually) of the onset of the “my chip says UNTOUCHABLE”, They Live reality of our world today, in this grim year of our lord, two thousand and forever. [of course, i also somewhat repudiate carlin for discharging peoples political will and getting them to think that political activity is meaningless. (i see that in some people who ascribe to his world view quite a bit)]




Netflix recently overhauled their entire site, taking away massive functionality. The user-base was up in arms and the Mgmt. don’t give two shits.

Skype doesn’t minimize to your system tray in Windows 7, and the decision makers couldn’t care less.

And the latest blip is StumbleUpon who took a collective shit in their user-base’s mouth, announcing that, after having bought back the Company, they are interested in turning it into a meta-feed that vertically integrates better with other synergistic emergences of my cock. Effectively turning a great idea into a steaming pile of dog crap that already exists and is done better, (its called delicious, shitbags).

[im not gonna put links in here for this stuff, you either get this and care or you dont and dont.]


Well guess what you, on-board-for-the-big-win corporations, who have systematically undermined and sold out western civilization, liberty, individual choice, individual sovereignty – all of you who outsourced the country and in-sourced the ideologies – all of you scoundrels who stand out there taking a shit instead of making a call, pouring endlessly engineered cultural solvent down people’s throats for centuries – we don’t want to eat your shit.

Now, you are saying to me” Josh, these are minor incidents and first world problems, what basis for citing such examples do you really have? How is Netflix the New World Order… I mean Seriously!” – and I get it. I really do get it, I used to fuckin be you man, its like looking in a mirror.

If you only knew how you’ve been used, used as a weapon to destroy the very things you love. Used and used up like some cheap crack whore, and ultimately cast into a charnel pit with as much consideration as that basic existence requires of the civilization around it.

Well my name is not Candide for No reason, I will tilt at windmills until there is resonance.

You live on a planet that is owned and run by a tiny handful of people.

These people see themselves as vastly superior and do not (cannot) appreciate the potential of every human being born.


They do not care about your contribution, you are fuel in their furnace and a steak on their table – to think else is delusion and madness.

The cows didn’t all die, we didn’t run out of coal or wood, everyone wasn’t slaughtered by jackals. We didn’t forget how to make things.

Today life is not only cheap it is WORTHLESS – unless your chip says “don’t touch”.


Its like the planet is one big high school and the cool kids want to exterminate everyone who isn’t part of their clique – its really that absurd and cheesy. And the day it becomes technically possible and the transhumanists have their way, if you are still around it will be as a genuine cog in some grand thx-1138 machine and little else (if you are lucky).

Well this is a whiff of that, here, in the western world, in the upper layer of convenience culture.


This isn’t a decision ultimately motivated by money, the crisis was engineered to produce the level of desperation such that conditioning measures would be possible.


But just tell me there is a child starving somewhere, as if I didn’t care and didn’t address it myself, as if a pillar of my philosophy isn’t the feeling in my guts I get when I look at an Iraqi baby deformed by Depleted Uranium – explain it all away.

That’s what you are programmed to do, I forgive that.

Go along to get along, I get it.

Don’t walk out and walk away, don’t leave – kneeling is preferable to destruction.

You have no choice and the entire situation has been constructed to demoralize you, PRECISELY like this.

No – don’t think it, that the Depleted Uranium and Netflix not giving a fuck and the world being run by elite thieves is all one thing… its not all one real-time phenomenology that can be mapped and explained to others… Don’t bother pulling anyone out of the Matrix or arming them for cultural/information war when they are out – After all… they will just want to be put back in after awhile right?

There are no heroes. Heroism is impossible today. (this is what they want you to believe)



Media and Information, News – these things are fundamental to the structure of a constitutional republic, their nature and quality is EVERYTHING when it comes to producing the Jeffersonian Culture of which I so often speak.



“a gaze from above would reveal couch bound inmates that hardly notice the renovations being done to their prison.

once they realize what they have given up it will be too late to refuse the walls they unwittingly helped build around themselves
all thoughts and plans of escape will be merely tormenting,fantastic dreams”

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Out Of Chaos – Out of Chaos Comes Order – YouTube

ive always been floored by the my pet goat (hello people!?) classroom video, if this isnt some kind of use of kids to generate or amplify the power of the ritualistic murder of 3k americans, i will eat my hat!

JEscamilla is of course a ufologist and I do not endorse his other work

but it often takes a fringer to cut through some of the esoterica that always surrounds a NWO op like 911

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