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Push The Little Daises & Make ‘Em Come Up

#Putin Signs Law Ratifying #BRICS Bank

RUS Fed being lined up to be gutted via Comintern 2.0 metrics by NWO cartel using their new main base, China, as the proxy. (Brzezinski encirclement doctrine)

Luckily, Putin faction is all ex-KGB mobster conspiracy theorists and are aware of it all and just how much BRICS = Chinese IMF created by the same folks who brought you the IMF – they have simply been backed into a corner.

Sucks being right all the time:
Shitting #BRICS (or) All In All, It’s Just Another #Ebola BRICS In The Wall.
Published on Aug 2, 2014

#China #IMF talks underway to endorse #yuan #RMB as #globalreservecurrency

#ZhouXiaochuan: Reform the international monetary system

Adding #Gold into the Valuation of the #SDR

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