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@RealAlexJones is the Butcher of Bakersfield – YouTube



Please note these are essentially unedited/extemporaneous recordings made before i decided to compile into a video, recordings which I have then overlaid with graphics or brought in other content alongside of to make my point with, the few build-time interstices of audio from me appear with no date onscreen.

all content is the property of its respective owner and is being used here to make an argument.

the primary thesis is that one cannot negotiate with ideological terrorists and NWO front-men, my goal is to sound a rallying cry and get everyone to realize that we must Shout now or we will be SCREAMING later – we must do everything within our power now to organize politically and to disseminate culturally a proper perspective on matters, else we shall find ourselves amid progressively collapsing geoeconomic conditions while disarmed and goaded into both WW3 and a one world government.


-Joshua Roberts

Muffington Roast anti-American love-in:


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